Appoint Digital works with clients and strategic partners to deliver outstanding work in the following areas.


We design elegant digital experiences informed by deep understanding of your audience, rapid prototyping, user research, and user testing.


We make sure you have full control over your content with easy to use Content Management Systems, like Craft, ExpressionEngine, and custom solutions.

Visual Design

With 20+ years of combined visual design experience, we make sure that our designs communicate clearly and contribute to meeting the business goals of our projects.


Through extensive research and concepting we define and enhance every aspect of new or existing brands.

Web Development

We offer clear and well documented custom web development with JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, LAMP, Objective-C/Cocoa and more.

DIGITAL Strategy

We consult on which technologies are most relevant to your project and are available to guide you every step of the way.

  • Quite simply, Appoint Digital made the Creative Entrepreneurs website possible. They have the unique ability to understand a creative vision and bring it to life with beautiful, sophisticated design. They can equally - unusually - translate the design into outstanding user experience through cutting edge technology. They are also supremely professional and effective and a pleasure to work with.
    — Carolyn Dailey, Founder, Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Appoint Digital's ability to define what's possible and then all the ways to achieve it, with sophisticated reasoning, makes them a strategic and capable partner.
    — Daniel Teweles, Founder, Global Natives
  • Appoint Digital has been an excellent development partner for us. They are extremely dependable, easy to work with, and have an intuitive knowledgeable of user experience and site architecture. Their builds are always done with best practices in mind and they often suggest a variety approaches to difficult problems. Most importantly, they are able to communicate highly technical ideas in common, easy to understand language, which is a huge asset in the collaborative nature of our relationship.
    — Scott Thorpe, Co-Founder, MacFadden & Thorpe

We've done work for...



CE is the first online home for entrepreneurs in the creative industries in the United Kingdom. The website compiles links to all the resources available to entrepreneurs in the creative fields, delivers personal insight directly from its successful ambassadors + supporters, and participates in the overall conversation on entrepreneurship in the U.K.




Appoint Digital participated in charting the vision of the project and created its brand identity. We designed and built an online experience, which prioritizes the streamlined delivery of an expansive list of online resources (helpful to creative entrepreneurs), as well as ongoing content for a fully featured web publication.




Playy is a mobile app which allows music fans to record and synchronize a 10-second video with a music library of up-and-coming artists and producers. Playy turns music fans into co-creators, while simultaneously providing new opportunities for musicians to be discovered and grow their audience directly.




Playy was conceived by Marc Milberg + Stoyan Vasilev and produced entirely in-house. In addition to the app, we created a web portal which allows artists to manage the music they make available on Playy.




LA2050 is a community-guided initiative driving and tracking progress toward a shared vision for the future of Los Angeles. We achieve this through research and reporting, digital and physical events, as well as capital development. LA2050 was launched in 2011 by the Goldhirsh Foundation to inspire an outbreak of civic activism and to develop a roadmap for the future of the Los Angeles region.




Appoint Digital was hired by Skild, a customizable management platform that enables organizations to design and run competitions, challenges, contests, awards programs, recruiting events, e-learning, training sessions and more. We designed & developed a website for LA2050's 2016 challenge which integrates with the Skild API.